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Summer Poverty

For so many people in poverty, the summer is one of the hardest times. With so many families finding that once you have paid the rent or mortgage, there is little left at the best of times, the long summer school holidays bring worry and debt. I remember having to take time off work or add on the cost of expensive childcare and there was little left for food. The Basingstoke Foodbank helps 1400 children but over the summer is is not unreasonable to think that all the children on free school meals are vulnerable. I popped in to see them and they are in need of summer supplies - tins of fruit, kiddies picnic food like crisps, small packets of raisins etc, sun cream, squash. It's easy to remember to donate at harvest and Christmas but the summer is one of the most challenging times.

I also popped into Camrose to see how the rough sleepers are coping with the extreme hot weather we have had. They are in need of boxer shorts size S or M, small bottles of water, energy bars and crisps for the rough sleeper packs. Also tins of meat for the lunches.

My thanks to members of Basingstoke Labour who have so generously donated to the above charities to show solidarity to those that need this support over the summer.

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