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Don't prorogue, Maria!

I have today written the following letter to the Rt Hon Maria Miller, MP for Basingstoke on behalf of her constituents. She publicly supported Dominic Raab when he first raised the suggestion of a prorogue of Parliament to ensure that the UK exited the EU on 31st October even if it meant no deal.

To prorogue Parliament to pass any legalisation is to set a very dangerous precedent. This would enable any Prime minister and Government to prorogue Parliament and pass unpopular legalisation in their absence. This would deprive the people of the United Kingdom of their democratic rights as laws would be passed in the absence of their elected representatives. It would also drag Her Majesty, The Queen, our dignified and impartial Monarch into a constitutional crisis.

No law warrants this threat to our democracy. Certainly not a No Deal Brexit.

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