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About me

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I'm the Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Basingstoke.


I am a TV producer, journalist and Deaf/Disability Rights campaigner. My life takes me into contact with people from  all walks of life - Deaf, Disabled people, children with SEN and their parents and those who are victims of a hostile DWP benefit environment. . 

I'm a single mum and parent of a young person with SEN, and I have had to fight many battles to get educational and social services provision. I'm a socialist and life long environmentalist.


I pledge to deliver transparency, honesty and accessibility in politics. I see being an MP as a service, not a career. I want to see Basingstoke properly represented.    

Election Video

In this video I outline some of the changes I would bring to Basingstoke if I am elected.


I have chosen to use British Sign Language, the language of the Deaf community so Deaf people have the same access to election material as everyone else.

There are English subtitles and a voiceover for those who don't sign.

Promoted by Kim Taylor on behalf of Kerena Marchant

both at Labour Club Sandys Road RG22 6AS

Labour Green New Deal Logo

Green New Deal

As an environmentalist, I have pledged to support Labour’s Green New Deal.


Having campaigned against fracking and other green issues this is something close to my heart. I want to preserve the planet for our children. I want to campaign for a Green New Deal for Basingstoke and Hampshire.


This includes:

  • Working to be carbon neutral by 2030

  • Improving Basingstoke’s recycling record (currently 28per cent recycling rate putting Basingstoke 316th out of 345 councils)

  • Improving air quality 

  • Campaigning to get electric charging points across town 

  • Energy friendly housing 

  • Green spaces in town - a tree for every inhabitant 

  • Working with local energy co-operatives to make Hampshire self sufficient supplying its own energy using the natural resources available - wind, sun, land and sea 

NHS Pledge

Along with other PPCs and Labour MPs I have pledged to protect our NHS from privatisation.

Labour established the NHS 70 years ago and want to secure its future.


My father was an NHS dentist who refused to do more lucrative private work as he believed everybody should have free dental care, so I am passionate about the NHS and health care being free for all.


I pledge:

  • To prevent the privatisation of NHS services 

  • Campaign to repair and modernise and the the hospitals and surgeries in Basingstoke 

  • To ensure that the hospitals and surgeries in Basingstoke are well staffed with doctors and nurses so people can get appointments quickly

  • Ensure that local NHS decisions are patient led and halt sustainability and transformation plans that are finance led

  • Campaign for the training bursaries for NHS staff 

  • Reopen mother and baby clinics and sure start to reduce strain on GPS and AandE

  • Provide a quality care service to the elderly that combines health and social care

NHS logo, I'll protect the NHS from tade deal by ending privatisation
Disabiltiy Labour endorsing Karena Marchant

What this means to me

I'm delighted that my campaign is endorsed by Disability Labour.


The social model of Disability is at the heart of my campaign.


I will fight to overturn barriers that prevent Disabled people's full inclusion and equality in society this includes:

  • The restoration of the independent living scheme 

  • Ending the hostile assessment environment of the DWP

  • The recognition of BSL as a language and a BSL Act

  • Lifelong Disability benefits for those with lifetime Disabilities

  • Scrapping UC and the WCA

  • Campaigning to ensure that the EU Disability Accessibility Act is put into UK Law

Labour Voices

"Austerity has ripped everything from us. We have suffered in silence, but no longer."

Labour PPC for Basingstoke, Kerena Marchant on how the price of Austerity has been paid by the most vulnerable in our society.

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